An interesting review of Albacete, Castilla-La-Mancha!

Albacete has a bad reputation throughout Spain. En España, Albacete tiene mala fama. Many times, after I tell Spanish friends about my goal to step foot in every Spanish province, they try to convince me that the 20 minute rest stop at the Albacete bus station counted. Muchas veces, cuando les cuento mi reto de pisar todas las […]

via Albacete….do what and leave? — setmeravelles


My trip to Scotland’s Outer Hebrides

Hello there!

This month I have returned from a great holiday to the Western Isles of Scotland! I spent 10 days with my family travelling around the Inner and Outer Hebrides at the end of July. First, we stayed in the beautiful Beachcombers cottage in South Glendale on South Uist in the Outer Hebrides. We found the property on and loved our time in the cosy cottage. We used the house as a base and spent the days exploring the surrounding islands.

We had stunning views of the water and islands from our lounge and dining area!


I enjoyed taking many photos on the beautiful beach by Eriskay pier.

On the Outer Hebrides we enjoyed visiting old ruins and churches, and it was great to see how the remains of buildings have survived until today. We walked along many stunning beaches and also had the chance to spot some wildlife- including short eared owls, otters and seals! We liked walking through RSPB and wildlife reserves, taking in the scenery whilst also on the lookout for interesting birds.

Whilst on the isle of Barra, we were lucky to have a hot, sunny day- complete with (almost!) clear skies. The water sparkled in various shades of blue, producing even more gorgeous beaches! On the island, we watched a plane take off from the airport’s beach runway- the only one of its kind in the world!

Views of some small bays and fishing boats on Barra


One of the island’s gorgeous beaches!



At the end of our week touring the Outer Hebrides, we took the ferry from Lochmaddy, North Uist to Uig, Skye. We saw many areas of the island, including the Old Man of Storr, the colourful town of Portree and the Black Cullin mountain range. After our visit to the isle of Skye, we drove back onto Scottish mainland and stayed in Plockton on the coast. We were lucky to have pre-booked accomodation in one of the town’s hotels as the area was busy with sailors visiting for the two-week long regatta. Whilst sitting in a beer garden in the sun overlooking the calm harbour, we simply had to think of how lucky we were to experience such great weather during our trip. We had prepared from poor weather, from waterproof jackets and walking boots to anti-mosquito hats- you name it! More often than not, the weather on the West of Scotland is colder and wetter than at our home in the North of England- but this time we were pleasantly surprised!

Following our night in Plockton, we caught a ferry from Kilchoan, Ardnamurchan to Tobermory, Mull. It was a fantastic experience to arrive onto the island via its bustling, picturesque town of Tobermory. Not only is the town known for its brightly coloured houses, but it also featuired on the UK Childrens TV show ‘Balamory’. Seeing the houses overlooking the harbour brought back some happy memories from my childhood!

Tobermory harbour


We spent our time on Mull travelling along the island’s ‘main roads’, which happened to be the worst we experienced on our trip! The majority of these roads were reduced to a single lane, with few passing places and many of the visiting drivers appeared to be inexperienced with such roads. However, we finally reached the beach for some ice cream in the sun, and the following day took the ferry over to the isle of Iona. Here we visited the Abbey, which marks Iona as the site of the first monastry established by Gaelic monks in the British Isles.

Finally, I have to tell you about the amazing food we ate during our trip. From our rental cottage on South Uist, we were able to collect cockles from the nearby beach… After a short amount of time cooking, they were a very tasty snack in the evening! We ate lots of fish throughout our trip, and it was always freshly caught and prepared as we were on the coastline. Even though I don’t like all types of seafood, all of the restaurants provided plenty of options and I enjoyed all of our meals out. We also had some delicious Scottish breakfasts (like a full English but slightly different), and lots of coffee and cake!

My favourite evening meal out at Cafe Fish, Tobermory (


I would highly recommend a trip to Scotland’s Highlands and Islands- we had a fantastic holiday and my parents and I have all said that we would love to return. If you have any questions about our holiday or would like recommendations/ advice, then feel free to leave a message below!

With love,






Exploring incredible India

Hello there!

I have recently returned home from the trip of a lifetime to India. For three weeks, I travelled around the amazing South Asian country that is India with three friends from my University. We all had a fantastic time and wished that we could have stayed longer!

We travelled from the UK to Bangalore in South India and stayed with my friend at her family home for a week. We visited local Hindu temples, tried local Indian dishes, experienced the city party scene and became accustomed to a somewhat different culture. We also did some major shopping, making the most of the US-style malls and cheap prices- £29 Levi jeans- yes please! My friend’s lovely family made us feel most welcome in their gorgeous home and we instantly clicked with their family and friends out there.

After a week in the warm South, we flew to (a very hot!) New Delhi for our tour of the ‘Golden triangle’. We took a day trip to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal which was a wonderful experience. It is difficult to comprehend the grandeur of this amazing UNESCO World Heritage Site, which took Shah Jahan 10 years to build by  for his dying wife. On the day that we visited the Taj, the weather was scorching and reached 45°C!

The following day we visited New Delhi and saw some brilliant sights, including the Jama Masjid, Sikh Gurudwara Bala Sahib, Qutb Minar, Lotus temple and the tomb of Mahatma Gandhi. We even had the opportunity to take rickshaws into the spice markets and purchase spices to bring home. The food was always so tasty that I wanted to bring back anything that I could- my 4 mangos survived my flight home and were so worth it 🙂

After New Delhi, we took the train to Jaipur and spent three days touring this historic, cultural city. We loved the City palace, Amber Fort and palace, and the views of the Floating palace. We even took an elephant ride up to the Amber Fort, and one evening experienced a local Indian dinner served on banana leaves on the floor!

Following this, we flew back to Bangalore for a day of relaxation before taking a trip to the seaside city of Goa with some friends. We spend a few days lounging by the pool, splashing around on the beach and visiting the local town of Margao. It was interesting to see the Portuguese influence of Vasco da Gama on this beautiful Indian coastline.

Unfortunately, we were nearing the end of our trip. We definitely did not wish to say goodbye to our kind host family, lovely friends, eye-opening country nor our best friends. However, all good things must come to an end, and I know that it won’t be our last holiday together nor our last trip to this amazing country!

¡La sangría!

Hola a todos,

Como se acerca al verano, he empezado a pensar en mis vacaciones, actividades para hacer con mis amigos en mi pueblo y también los platos diferentes de comida que cocinaré. ¡No puedo esperar para las noches calurosas bebiendo la sangría y comiendo las tapas en mi jardín con mi familia y mis amigas!

Asi que, busqué un articulo en un sitio web que trata de la sangria y otras bebidas espanolas. ¡Este articulo me intersa mucho por lo tanto quiero compatirlo contigo!



El vínculo del artículo sobre la sangría:

La sangría y otras bebidas típicas del verano español.


Andar, caminar and pasear

Hello all,

Recently my Spanish tutor encouraged me to take a look at for interesting articles and helpful Spanish grammar tips. I found a great article about the differences between three very similar Spanish verbs- andar, caminar and pasear. I’d recommend a look at this article and many others on the site which seem to be useful! Now I finally understand the various uses for these verbs 🙂

If anyone knows of any other interesting Spanish websites then please comment! I’d also love to hear your opinions on this articles or any others that you read on!

With love,


Hable con ella

Recientemente, he visto la película ‘Hable con ella’ de Pedro Almodóvar. Es una película dramática y romántica. Los cuatros personajes principales son Javier Cámara, Leonor Watling, Rosario Flores y Darío Grandinetti.

Se sabe que esta película trata de muchos temas controvertidos, como todas las películas de Almodóvar. Hable con ella es una pelicular que mezcla dos historias de dos personas. Benigno (Cámara) es un enfermero que cuida Alicia (Watling); una baila que está en coma como resulto de un accidente de coche. Marco (Grandinetti) es un periodista que es el amante de Lydia (Flores), un matador famoso. Lydia está herida en una corrida de toros y está en coma en el mismo hospital de Alicia y el enfermero Benigno.

Benigno está enamorado con Alicia y vive su vida por ella. Sin embargo, Alicia y Benigno no están en una relación porque apenas lo conozca. Benigno dice a Marco que Benigno quiere casarse con Alicia. Los enfermeros en el hospital se dan cuenta del embarazo de Alicia, y Benigno es culpado. Al final, los cuatros personas están separadas y yo creo que es lamentable que el final sea tan triste.

Desde mi punto de vista, la película es espantosa y estoy convencida que es una obra de cine fantástica. He pensado mucho de la película desde verla; un hecho que muestra su importancia. Yo diría que el título ‘Hable con ella’ es significativo porque en esta película los dos hombres no escuchan a las mujeres. Los dos creen que las mujeres están enamoradas con estos hombres pero no es verdadero. Esto hecho muestra algo de la inteligencia de Almodóvar.

A mi modo de ver, la gente debería ver Hable con ella aunque la película aparece extraña. Comprendí mejor la película después de analizar sus temas y sus importancias.

Diarios de Motocicleta

Diarios de Motocicleta es una película de carretera y contiene mucha acción. La dirigida es Walter Salles y los actores principales son los latinoamericanos Gael García Bernal y Rodrigo de la Serna. El estreno era 27 de agosto, 2004 en el Reino Unido. Veía la película en una clase de lengua en The Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle.

El guion es basado en los libros de Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara y Alberto Granado. Ernesto es estudiante de medicina joven, especializando en la lepra, y su familia tiene mucho dinero. Alberto es un científico, tiene casi treinta años y tiene una motocicleta que se llama ‘La Poderosa’. Los dos argentinos hacen una gira por los países latinoamericanos. Quieren viajar por la motocicleta para más de 8.000km en unos meses, conocer muchas mujeres y trabajar en un hospital de la lepra en Perú.

En su viaje experimentan en muchas aventuras pero también hay accidentes y hambre. La motocicleta se avería así que el viaje es más largo que pensaron antes, y Ernesto sufre a causa de asma. Pasan pos los Andes de Argentina a Chile y en una noche fría, una pareja pobre en el desierto, sin trabajo y hogar porque es comunista. Los dos hombres van a una mina con la pareja y Ernesto es sorprendido por la injusticia. Otra escena clave es en las ruinas de Machu Picchu donde Ernesto y Alberto hablan de una revolución. Luego, trabajan en una colonia de leprosos. Ernesto no le gusta la división entre grupos y la última noche, nada a través del rio que divide a los enfermos y los médicos. Esto es un punto culminante de la historia. La misma noche, hay una fiesta para los jóvenes y Ernesto da a su primero discurso sobre la unidad de los países latinoamericanos.

Al fin de la película, los dos hombres se despiden el uno al otro. Ernesto va a la revolución y Alberto trabaja como científico en otro país latinoamericano.

Me encanta esta película porque trate de una historia verdadera y temas muy importantes y dramáticos que trae un mensaje profundo. El rodaje es fantástico y los espectadores ven al paisaje hermoso. Los actores son muy talentosos y también el uso de las cámaras es muy inteligente.

¡Espero que veáis esta película porque me pone de buen humor y no la lamentáis!

Diarios de Motocicleta
            Diarios de Motocicleta